At the moment I'm using Joomla with HikaShop for a shop with around 35 000 products with their variants, but this is getting too large (too slow).

Properties of the shop are:

  1. Product has variants: color & size = combined
  2. Product has prices are set on variants, for example: blue & 6cm = 30usd, blue & 8cm = 35usd
  3. Every variant has 2 prices, the first one for the general public and the second one for a special user group
  4. Shipping methods are possible per user group and country

Requirements for the shop engine:

  1. Support large number of items
  2. Handle all properties which are listed above
  3. Speed (at the moment we use a very big cache systems and other methods but the site is too slow)
  4. A SEO friendly URL structure without needs to buy an extra extension for URLs
  5. Multilingual support because this shop has over 5 languages

I tested Prestashop with Magento, but would like hear from others what shop software is recommended for my needs.

  • May be can try with Umbraco.
    – BDRSuite
    May 5, 2015 at 19:57

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SAP Hybris Commerce

Disclaimer: I am working for SAP

From Hybris perspective 35 000 products is a small shop. Hybris can do everything you want and through extensions you can add functionality. But it has a price tag ;-) Depending on your future plans this might be something to look at.


Not sure if it would be an option for you to consider, but Drupal (one of the typical alternatives for Joomla), has an impressive Commerce Kickstart" solution which I think would get you pretty far in what you're looking for. Here is a quote about it:

Commerce Kickstart is the quickest way to get up and running with Drupal Commerce. It includes the latest versions of Drupal core, Drupal Commerce, and the other modules it depends on. It also gives you a set of options to create a fully-featured demo store out of the box complete with an attractive theme, catalog and search configuration, and a custom back office interface.

And here is a real world sample of site created with it. Created by somebody who just got started with Drupal, with hardly any budget, but even multi-language (English, French, Dutch ...).

  • I thought drupal had died a long slow death. Drupal 8 has been in the works for what... 10 years? Oct 25, 2016 at 3:29

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