I would be interested to find a plain text editor that provides a mode for vertical text.

Chinese and Japanese can both be written either left-to-right in rows going from top to bottom, or top-to-bottom in columns going from right to left. There are editors for formatted documents which support these, such as Microsoft Word.

But from time to time I have a need to type plain old unformatted text vertically in Chinese and Japanese.

  • Whereas a formatted document editor would allow both horizontal and vertical within a document using its layout and markup systems, a plain text editor would just have it as a viewing mode.
    (much like being able to select a font or turning word-wrap on and off.)

  • It doesn't matter how inline English or other languages are rendered
    (letters rotated 90° or not), though more options are better than fewer.

  • It should work with the standard IMEs that ship with the OS.

  • Unicode should be supported, including supplementary plane support.
    (UTF-8 or UTF-16 but must not mangle surrogate pairs or save as ASCII silently converting everything to ? marks)

  • Really should have installer and user interface in English.
    Even though I know how to type several languages, I can't actually speak or read them so menus, preferences, installer, etc should be available also in English.

I have also wanted to type vertical Mongolian script recently and it is a bit different: top-to-bottom in columns going from left to right. An editor which supported this mode would be best of all, but editors without it are also acceptable.

I'm using Windows 7 but I have a preference for open source, cross platform software.


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