I am looking for a tool that can compare two source trees and output a list of changed files with their paths like shown below. I have Araxis Merge today and use it for comparing and merging changes with other developers but when we check software into our repository tool we need a list of files to individually check in. The repository tool does not integrate with our IDE so it's a manual process. I'd just like a tool to build me a list of files that needs checked into the repository. I will manually check them in and add the change reasons but would like a way to build the changed/added/deleted file list automatically if possible.

Basically I have to input to the tool.

  1. Source tree #1 (C:\sourcedir - rev1)
  2. Source tree #2 (C:\sourcedir_rev - rev2)

And outputs a list like below....








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Far Manager

Far Manager is one of the most powerful file management tools on Windows. It has a wide array of features. The most relevant ones to your question are:

  • Comparing the files in two directories
  • Recording macros so actions can be repeated with a single key combination

What follows are instructions on how to create a list of changed files:

  1. Navigate to both folders using the two panels in Far Manager
  2. Compare the folders using the sequence F9-C-C
    • This will highlight the modified files in the right panel
  3. Copy the highlighted file names using Ctrl+Alt+Insert
  4. Paste them in a text file (or write them using echo Ctrl+v > diff.txt

Those were a lot of key presses, so it makes sense to create a shortcut for that. Here's how to do it:

  1. Use Ctrl+. to start recording the macro
  2. Type the above steps
  3. Use Ctrl+. to save the macro in a custom key combination. I used Ctrl+Shift+F1 for example.

You can press Ctrl+.+. to delete or change the macro. It should look like this:

Keys("F9 c c CtrlAltIns e c h o Space CtrlV Space > Space d i f f . t x t Enter")

Using your designated key combination, you should end up with a file named diff.txt which contains a list of the names of modified files in the right panel

More advance comparison options are available through the plug-in Advanced Compare, including specifying whether or not to check subfolders, and whether to base the results on size, contents, or both:

Other file and directory comparison plug-ins exist as well, namely Deep Compare, and Visual Compare

Note: Far Manager works best when used together with ConEmu, which offers multi-tabs and other extended features.


The command line diff tool can do this. See https://stackoverflow.com/questions/6217628/diff-to-output-only-the-file-names

diff -qr dir1 dir2

Should do what you are after.

On windows you can use something like cygwin for this.

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