I am looking for a GUI tool for perf events in Linux? https://perf.wiki.kernel.org/index.php/Main_Page

This would be akin to kcachegrind for callgrind.

I know that Intel VTune could do this, but I was hoping for something open source.


If you are using AMD CPU, you can try AMD CodeXL.

An alternative would be to use any of the existing standard linux profilers available and plot the output using utilities like this.


I suggest you try Zoom. On systems that support it, it uses Perf as a backend. The results in butterfly profile view are very similar to those displayed by Perf ncurses 'GUI' (except that you get callees on top of callers) or Callgrind. Not open source, though.


Quite a new tool called Hotspot, which provides UI around Linux perf, is available on GitHub. Unfortunately, it is not available in standard Linux repositories yet, but you can easily download an AppImage here or build it yourself.

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