Concerning my personal task management, I've been using Nitro Tasks for a couple of years now on all my Ubuntu computers. While this app comes pretty close to my ideal to-do app regarding usability, user interface and feature set, there is that huge disadvantage of being able to sync with dropbox only (used to be ubuntu one, too). As I move away from dopbox, I am looking for a to-do application with the following attributes:

must haves

  • must run on (Ubuntu) Linux
  • lightweight, modern, distraction free user interface
  • support multiple lists
  • no-backend concept for data storage: data should be stored locally on the respective client, and in a future proof format such as markdown, json or plain text; The goal is to select any local folder for data storage such as a USB device or any cloud storage folder other than dropbox.
  • stand-alone client application (no browser based app), but could well be an HTML5 / node.js app which runs in a native container

nice to haves

  • markdown for task descriptions
  • sub task creation
  • drag & drop to move to-do items
  • Kanban functionality

Apps, I have already checked out which are not appropriate

  • Tasque
  • Task Coach
  • Getting Things Gnome
  • quite a few browser based apps

What applications could you recommend?


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