Is there an OS X application or OS X-compatible browser extension that would allow a user to input a search query for Google Images and have it immediately begin to display random images from those results in full-screen?

Bonus points if the user can adjust the amount of time per image.


I don't know of a native OS X app, but you could try iSlide, a chrome browser extension. I used it for a few months now, and I was quite happy with it (although I have a few niggles: like most web browser extensions, I worry about security (even if it states that it uses manifest version 2)). To quote the blurb from the site:

Ever got to web page with a thumbnailed image gallery and wanted to view all of the pictures? Like me, you probably had to click each thumbnail, then click on Back, then click on the next thumbnail and so on... No more! With iSlide you get to watch all the large images with one click! Just click the iSlide icon in the Chrome Extensions toolbar and a slideshow based on the currently selected tab will open in a new tab!

BTW, I would also be interested in a native OS X application too.

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