I am looking for a tool (free) that makes it possible to see the clipboard contents in different formats.

It would be nice to have a hex editor inside it in order to see the true contents of the clipboard.

I want to analyse text contents that includes some invisible characters. Basically I want to see the contents that are in RAM for example when I copy a cell in a Excel sheet. It should work on Windows.

Basically something like Wireshark for the clipboard. Where you can analyse the bits and bytes and where you see the contents human readable.

Screenshot of Free Clipboard Viewer 2.0 (Thanks to RockPaperLizard)

Hex View

You can see the binary data of your clipboard like in a Hex editor.

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The program Free Clipboard Viewer will display the contents of the clipboard in all the different formats in which it is designed to be represented.

It won't show data in a format for which it wasn't designed, which is good because it won't waste your time, but bad because it won't satisfy your curiosity.

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    It shows Hex format! It is all what is needed!
    – Matthias
    Commented Mar 9, 2015 at 14:44

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