I have an Alfresco (documents repository) which is growing very big (terabytes) as more documents get added everyday, and I would like to know in what folders are the big documents, as a basis for decided what should be done (bigger disk? removals of unneeded documents? new policies about document upload?)


Is there a tool that allow one to get a good view of where space is used in Alfresco?
Maybe something like Baobab in Ubuntu filesystems:

Ubuntu Baobab


  • Free
  • Crawls the whole repository, no need to run actions for each folder
  • No need to modify Alfresco server-side
  • Bonus if compatible with any CMIS server, not just Alfresco
  • Bonus for either graphical representation, or data that can be easily copy-pasted into a spreadsheet program.
  • No problem if it takes a lot of time to calculate.

Note: Alfresco stores files as blobs with a different structure, so usual file system analysis tools are not a solution.

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I haven't worked with Alfresco in a long time (too complicated). Seems the development and community have come a long way since 2010.

What's wrong with Alfresco's own stuff, or an add-in? I was able to find the Repository Size Dashlet: https://addons.alfresco.com/addons/repository-size-dashlet does that meet your needs?

Screenshot: Alfresco repository size dashlet

  • +1 Better than nothing, but what I am looking for is size folder-by-folder, so that you can drill down and find that forgotten folder where someone has uploaded hundreds of VirtualBox images.
    – Nicolas Raoul
    Mar 10, 2015 at 2:44

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