Since my previous question got no replies, despite a bounty, I am willing to ditch AngularJS, if this question receives a satisfactory answer.

Rather than ask for a skeleton, as would be acceptable for AngularJS, since I know it, I will ask if there is a RAD-style IDE which allows me to visually build JS apps (something like Delphi, MSVC, etc).

  • it should be free, even for commercial use
  • it should be well supported
  • it should allow me to drag & drop "components" (list boxes, combos, check boxes, date pickers & more) to layout my page
  • it should help me to generate a skeleton Single Page Application to whcih I need only add the app-specific logic
  • the SPA should support multiple nested tabs & the IDE should generate the appropriate code for routing
  • MVC with 2-way data-binding is desirable
  • report generation would be "nice to have"
  • other bells & whistles would be welcome
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    I just talked to our in-house JS-guru and she said that there is no such software. Commented Mar 9, 2015 at 11:36

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WaveMaker is one such IDE/RAD tool to build web and mobile (hybrid) apps visually using drag-and-drop components. It was earlier based on Dojo toolkit but has now been rebuilt using AngularJS.

  • generates Single Page Applications (SPA)
  • you can drag and drop visual components (widgets, charts, list items etc)
  • you can do 2-way data binding for CRUD operations by binding to data sources (db, REST APIs etc)
  • backend is based on Spring and Hibernate
  • offers a free trial but not entirely free

Hope this helps.

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