Is there a website which allows you to paste a DDL for your DB and two SQL statements, which can then recommend one (optionally including context such as; "if >10,000 rows use Query#2; else Query#1")?

I'm thinking similar to SQL Fiddle combined with an AI (heuristic based recommendations based on query plan data gathered by running SQLs over various auto-generated data sets) CodeFight.

  • NB: As pointed out by the SQLFiddle guys, SQLFiddle already creates query plans which can be used to give some idea of performance. However this question goes beyond that; i.e. where the system could tell you in plain English which option was better, and could also say if there are contexts in which one option is preferred to another. twitter.com/sqlfiddle/status/572774804278755329
    – JohnLBevan
    Mar 10, 2015 at 15:10


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