I need a window software which makes a comparison of 1 text file which is stored in two SVN Branches. The tool should be able to show, in a visual way, which changeset has introduced every modification between the 2 files.

For example if the file on the second branch has 1 line more I want to know if the line was added on the second branch or removed in the first branch.

Do you know anything similar?


TortoiseSVN has a built in diff tool that you can use or you can install kdiff3 for windows and set that as your visual diff tool by setting the SVN_MERGE environment variable, within your configuration file or via the TortoiseSVN settings dialogue.

kdiff3 is available as source code or pre-built for Windows & Mac it is free.

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    Ditto TortoiseSVN but for comparison I recommend WinMerge winmerge.org
    – Chloe
    Mar 3 '15 at 3:30

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