I need a cross-client (Android, Win/Web) calendar application that can subscribe to online iCalendar files and where I can create new events with an efficient UI.

I've tried Google Calendar and Microsofts Live Calendar, but the problem there is that they both have ridiculously slow updating cycles (up to 24-hours) on external iCalendar resoures and you are not able to refresh them manually.

I also tried Sunrise Calendar but these people are obviously collecting as much private data they can while connecting to other resources, while not supporting direct subscriptions to ICal files. I don't want anything of that shady business.

Cross-platform calendar that stores data locally - I want to sync it myself is similar, but I'm ok with storing the data somewhere, just as long as it's not blatantly greedy like Sunrise on private data.

  • For Android, you can check here. As for privacy: I'm using ownCloud as storage (on my own machine, but there are also sites providing you your own installation as a service). This includes a web frontend, but also can be synced via CalDav. Would that be an acceptable solution for you?
    – Izzy
    Mar 2, 2015 at 16:04


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