I am using Trisquel GNU/Linux version 7.0 (belenos), based on Ubuntu LTS.

Earlier I had used Master PDF Editor on Ubuntu, but it is proprietary software. And now on Trisquel GNU/Linux, I’m looking for free software.

I've found PDFedit (on Free Software Directory & on SourceForge) and tried it but it is working too slow (sometime hangs and also looking outdated! (not active)).

Is there any Free/Libre or Open Source PDF editing software which I can use on GNU/Linux (works like Master PDF Editor or say alternative to it)?


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You may try to use LibreOffice to convert first the PDF into an ODT file that is of course editable.

If the PDF has not a very sophisticated format the conversion is pretty good.

LibreOffice Draw PDF form edition

Free, open source.

Warning: The fonts may look different from the original, and capitalization is often off.


Obviously, there are not that many open source options for PDF editing. However, you might try vector graphics editor Inkscape - free, open source and multi-platform (including GNU/Linux). However, AFAIK, it doesn't directly support editing existing multi-page PDF documents (seems that it works with single page). Having said that, if you're creating a PDF document from scratch, there is an open source Inkscape plug-in (http://sourceforge.net/projects/inkscape-pages) that enables multi-page support and PDF export.

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