I'm looking for a Windows-running equivalent of Veenix TypeBook Creator. I want to batch print a paragraph of text (not a simple phrase or pangram but a real paragraph) for a large amount of fonts (type 1 and OTF): one font/style = one paragraph.

I've seen lots of softwares, but they have either severe limitations, or are expensive, or runs only on Macs. The amount of type manager software is really massive; any help would be appreciated to find the good one.

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How about doing it with a Shell or Batch script which makes use of LaTeX and Pandoc?

Once you have LaTeX and Pandoc installed and have your paragraph's text in a text file called mytext.txt, you could do this:

for i in ${HOME}/myfonts/*.ttf ; do
    pandoc                                                           \
       -o testpage-$(basename "${i}").pdf                            \
       -V geometry:"margin=1.5cm, paperwidth=21cm, paperheight=12cm" \
       -V mainfont="${i}"                                            \
       --latex-engine=lualatex                                       \
          mytext.txt ;

This would give you a 1-page PDF file for each font. Then concatenate these PDFs with the help of pdftk:

 pdftk testpage-*.pdf cat output font-specimen-book.pdf  

I finally tried Bitstream Font Navigator, which is discontinued but could be found bundled with Corel Draw trial, and seems to be usable with no trial limit.

It does exactly what I asked for; i just hope it's not limited–I'm still interested in a real freeware that could do the trick.

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