OS X: Is there a tool for OS X that visualizes my Git commands on my local Git repositories with animations?

I'm not looking for a Git client, such as SourceTree, which can visualize the branches.


Web: LearnGitBranching visualizes Git commands with beautiful animations.

enter image description here

Windows: SeeGit visualizes Git commands on one's own repositories with nice animations.

enter image description here

I'm looking for something similar for OS X.


There are a number of GUI git clients for OS X, but none feature the animation that either of your Windows or Web examples provide.

Most, if not all, feature a email app-esque interface, with a list pane on the left, along with a submissions list pane, and then a couple of central panes for the current edit item. The main contenders of this type of GUI are (in no particular order):

I would imagine that you have seen these GUI app roundups already, but I will list them here:

So, in short, so far, there is not a native animated git app for OS X... yet.

Of course, while you wait for a native app to be developed, you could always easily wrap your Windows based SeeGit example in a Wineskin so that you can run it on OS X.

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