I need to work with YAML files but I get the willies when working with YAML's loose, inconsistently-spaced, strangely-keyed, ruby-esque format.

What software exists to open and edit YAML as key-value data tree?

My target platform is Debian Linux (Ubuntu 14.04 Compatible), or possibly Windows software that runs well in Wine.

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    fwiw, I gave up on a structured yaml editor, just write json and call it .yml Commented Jun 28, 2018 at 17:01

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Use VS Code (or Codium as open source alternative) and install the plugin YAML from RedHat. Though it doesn't allow to edit YAML as key-value data tree, it has a lot of advantages when it comes to editing YAML.

It "Provides comprehensive YAML Language support to Visual Studio Code, via the yaml-language-server, with built-in Kubernetes syntax support."

Feature list:

YAML validation:
    Detects whether the entire file is valid yaml
    Detects errors such as:
        Node is not found
        Node has an invalid key node type
        Node has an invalid type
        Node is not a valid child node
Document Outlining (Ctrl + Shift + O):
    Provides the document outlining of all completed nodes in the file
Auto completion (Ctrl + Space):
    Auto completes on all commands
    Scalar nodes autocomplete to schema's defaults if they exist
Hover support:
    Hovering over a node shows description if provided by schema
    Allows for formatting the current file
    On type formatting auto indent for array items

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