Looking for a recommendation for a web based Fleet GPS Tracking solution to track vehicles and dispatch to drivers using an app, I Prefer tracking the vehicles rather than tracking phones, any suggestion?


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I use a solution from www.Highpointgps.com, it uses tracking devices installed in the vehicles to track the vehicles on a map online, the movement history playback is available online for 2 years, Also has a feature to dispatch to a Garmin GPS or android app, and to record the Hours of service as E-LogBook compliant solution.

enter image description here Interface is very user-friendly.


I Googled GPS vehicle tracking and found this. Looks to have the technology that you requested and more. It's a cloud-based software that connects with your phone and any other device (laptop, desktop, tablet, etc). It uses a tracking device that is installed onto the vehicle so you will be tracking the vehicle and not the phone. Not sure about pricing though. Good luck with your search.


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