I am using the Pentaho community version and a I find lot of problems with the Pentaho Workbech Editor. I see in GitHub that the community tool has not been updated in the last two years. I expect no support as Pentaho is willing to push their enterprise version.

I would like to know if there is a third party tool to edit Mondrian schemas. At this point, apart from the community version I have three alternatives:

  • Paying for the enterprise verion? How much would it cost?

  • Using any third part tool to edit schemas?

  • editing schemas with a plain old text editor? Has anyone tried to work this way? Do Mondrian give clear messages if I mistakenly create a wrong schema?

Update: Mondrian 4 introduced a new incompatible XML schema. Mondrian 4 still can work with the old format but with some limitations. The official documentation literally says:

Schema workbench is obsolete and has been removed. Pentaho hopes to build a replacement, but no firm plans exist at this time.

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You could have a look at Phase which initially only supports Mondrian 3.

(Mondrian 4 is still not production ready. But don't worry about this because it will read a 3 schema and write out a converted 4 schema automatically. so upgrading is simple.)


It's also in the marketplace:


Phase is nice because it encourages you to build the schema in a model driven way rather than necessarily in the way the XML forces you to!

Also; The Enterprise version does not have any specific additional schema editor that I'm aware of.

  • Seems to work really good. Integrated with pentaho in the tools menu and user friendly.
    – borjab
    Feb 26, 2015 at 14:31

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