My university is working on a data warehouse and I was given a task to create a website (we call it "data warehouse encyclopedia, but it isn´t a widely used title"), which will have few simple purposes:

Ticket tracker - Someone (teacher, dean.. very likely doesn´t know much about IT) would like a report. So he makes a ticket "I would like some charts and tables about this". All tickets will be requests for report.

Report archive - Someone recieves a ticket, creates and saves appropriate report. Tags for searching would be useful here.

Dictionary - Something like wikipedia, basic definitions, maybe some how-to.

That's pretty much all. It has to be free software, but I don't need anything fancy with many features, just basic and simple functionality.

So my main question is - Which CMS/wiki/issue tracker would be the best choice for these requirements? Unfortunately, I have never worked with any, so I have no idea, how appropriate would any software be. I did a little research and found few candidates:

Redmine - looks like a good choice

Wordpress/Drupal/Joomla - with plugins (would you recommend any specific plugins for my task?)

Tiki Wiki CMS/Trac/Freedcamp/Dokuwiki - not sure if these are any good, but I found them while searching for alternatives.

Could anyone recommend any of mentioned software or add any additional info? Thank you very much!

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    If you want to combine a "ticket tracker" with a "wiki", Trac should be worth a look – as you can even cross-reference between the two (e.g. "see ticket:3" in wiki, or "see [WikiPage]" in a ticket). For details, see my answers here and here. Web based, and there are even several (Android) apps supporting it. Extensible with a load of plugins in case you miss something :)
    – Izzy
    Feb 24, 2015 at 10:34
  • Yes Trac is amazing when it come to ticket + wiki
    – Franck
    Feb 24, 2015 at 12:38
  • Thanks! I'll try Trac as soon as possible! Feb 24, 2015 at 21:24
  • @Izzy: Maybe you could write an answer? :-)
    – Nicolas Raoul
    Mar 13, 2015 at 1:55
  • @NicolasRaoul enforcing my rep today, are you? :) Done.
    – Izzy
    Mar 13, 2015 at 10:44

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Following up Nicolas' wish:

As described e.g. in my answer here (and some of the questions linked to it) and here, Trac might be a good candidate. It not only combines a "ticket tracker" with a "wiki" (plus a "source code repository"), which can be cross-linked (e.g. you can write something like "this problem is already addressed with ticket:15" in the wiki, and the ticket will be linked automatically) – but there are tons of plugins1 you can use to extend its features, making it better suit your requirements.

Trac is open-source, written in Python (so you can even easily adjust it yourself with some Python knowledge), highly customizable, web-based (so you can access it from anywhere), and even has some supporting Android apps. Let's check it against your listed requirements:

  • Ticket tracker: Yes. Extensible by plugins, e.g. for "MasterTickets" and ticket dependencies.
  • Report archive: Yes. You even can create your own reports, and – using the appropriate plugins – add specific reporting features you need, e.g. Gantt charts.
  • Tags: Built-in tag system, again extensible by plugins
  • Dictionary: Can be done, has been done. Either linking terms directly, or using "<acronym>s" (again, there's a specific plugin for that for easy handling – see here)
  • free software: free as in beer, free as in speech: (no cost), .
  • just basic and simple functionality: That's mostly like it ships. Due to its modular design, you then can add those features you need – without including too much "fancy with many features"

1: See Trac-Hacks.ORG (running Trac itself) and its Git repo


So I eventually chose Redmine and it matched my requirements, but Trac would be a very good choice, too.

I used ticket tracking for creating and keeping report requests. "Documents" section of redmine for finished reports "Wiki" for dictionary (business and technical metadata)

I tried Asana and Wordpress and they weren't useful for me, Openproject is basically better looking redmine without the plugins.

  • Would you mind adding a few lines on how it matched your requirements? Jun 18, 2015 at 7:49

For a dictionary you could try Ooluk Data Dictionary Manager. It is free for 10 users with unlimited anonymous users.

Disclosure: I work at this company.

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