I'd want to bring my desktop file explorer to a browser, without losing too much functionalities. I'm using Nemo on Ubuntu.

I'd want to be able to add remote server, to have a shell, shortcuts and helpers, views, ... available in desktop file explorers.

I am especially looking for a responsive library which could help me to display the items (files and directories), in different views and allowing operations on it (sort, filter,search, creation, ...).

Something like that:

I have found listjs.com which seems quite good for that, but it is almost focus on data, I would also want something who manage the display.

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Isotope is what I was looking for.

It have sorting and filtering functions, and some useful layout modes:

Vertical layout Vertical layout

And several bin-packing layouts enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here

It uses also css animations for sorting or filtering and seems a well-structured and optimised library.

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