I have a log file containing lines like this one every minutes :

[2015-02-13 14:29:53.2160][INF] [12] Memory : Total=370,000;Managed=120,000

I am looking for a tool that takes a (several) log file and a regular expression to graph the memory usage from the log file.

I am not looking for the regular expression but the application. (The regex would be )

^\[(.{24})*\]\[INF\] \[12\] Memory : Total=([^;]*);Managed=([^\s]*)


  • I don't care actually about what OS the tool should run on, Windows, Linux, Browser ...
  • I am willing to use command line on amiga if it does the tricks.
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    Command line or GUI? Any other specific requirements? Graph in live-view, or interactive-on-demand – or exporting files, generating some (static) HTML? Keeping history for a given time (RRD comes to my mind here), or just keeping some "snapshots"? The more exact you can describe it, the better the answers would match your expectations :)
    – Izzy
    Feb 18, 2015 at 16:17

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Given your willingness to use command-line on Amiga, I can think of a solution involving multiple tools. As already indicated in one of my comments on the question, RRD is something used regularly for these kind of graphs. There's RRDTool available for many platforms which, with a little programming around, should give pretty good results – and can be easily integrated in shell scripts, perl, python, ruby, lua or tcl applications. (quoting the site itself).

To prepare the data, you already pointed to regular expressions use. So in a first step, Sed can be used to create a CSV file for RRDTool input:

sed 's/regexp/replacement/g' inputFileName > outputFileName

RRDTool example RRDTool example
Example graphs created by RRDTool (source: RRDTool homepage, Wikipedia; click images for larger variants)

For details, let me refer you to RRDTool tutorials and documentation.

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