Context: My HTML5 documents don’t need JavaScript, animations, forms …. They are "only content". So, it can be filtered about these kind of representations, need only some subset/constraints of the "full-HTML5 representation". A good way to express this situation (and other broader ones!) is to say "my documents can be expressed with the Polyglot Markup constraints".

Is there a tool that transforms (or filters losing spurious information) "any HTML5" into Polyglot XHTML5?

Preferably a tool based on extensions for DOM (or XSLT or XQuery).


  • The validator.nu is the most reliable tool for validation... Perhaps some filters can be developed from validator.nu infrastructure. Some old (2011's) XSLTs, like polyglototron.sch and polyglot-xhtml5.xsd, was developed as open source, but no enhances or updates was noticed.

  • This question is a complement to this other one, and a "next step" for this one.


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