We currently generate PDFs (mono black) to a folder then use a Windows service to print with Adobe Reader. This is not stable, and causes issues occasionally, so we are looking for a solution.

Must have:

  • Can monitor a folder then print, the network printer can be specified in run-time, e.g. with corresponding 'meta' file or as part of the file name;
  • Produces a report/dashboard for operations, e.g. which files printed to where, print result, time;
  • Very important - robust, high throughput yet not losing any quality.

Nice to have:

  • Able to control print quality, e.g. darkness - we found Foxit tends to print darker than Adobe somehow;
  • Send alert upon error, e.g. printer out of paper, jam, door open.

Thanks in advance for help!!!

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    This would be so easy to do with a linux print server. I assume you don't have one of those? (If so add the Windows Tag) Feb 12, 2015 at 2:45

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We've used File Processor (www.fileprocessor.info) for similar tasks in combination with Print&Share (www.printandshare.info).

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