I have been looking for software which:

  • Can be used to create animations;

  • Contains video animations as templates;

  • Is similar to, and with templates like, goanimate.com [this one was web based].

Software requirements :

  • Can be a shareware/freeware but watermarking should not be allowed;

  • Windows platform will be preferred.

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Model your software requirements based on Adobe's Creative Suite and thereafter begin trialling the leading free alternatives.

For special effects and post-production video editing, try Wax as a replacement for Adobe After Effects (it's old but robust). Blender, though primarily for 3D, makes standard special effect creation possible.

For standard video editing, try Da Vinci Resolve as a replacement for Adobe Premiere. The free lite version, though limited, will get the job done.

For vector-based ("cartoonish") animation, whereby you draw your own material rather than importing footage, use Apache Flex as a replacement for Adobe Flash.


You can use Adobe Flash but it is paid version, to create animation. And download free video template as per your need as so many templates are available. To download Adobe Flash Professional CC software see this link http://www.adobe.com/in/products/flash.html

There is an alternative to Adobe Flash which is open source. Select the appropriate which fulfill your requirement.

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