Is there a freeware that is portable (do not require to be install) and can compare two excel sheets that come from two different excel file. It will highlight the different by showing which cells is different)

Example: There are two sheets (named Sheet1 and Sheet2) in the first excel file (named Excel1.xls)

There is this second excel file (named Excel2.xls) that contain one sheets (named SheetZ)

Inside Sheet1, there is data occupy on the first two row and two column.

Inside Sheet2, there is no data.

Inside SheetZ, there is data occupy on the first 3 rows and 3 column. (Only the 1st cell have the same data as the 1st cell in Sheet1)

So, when I do a compare of the excel sheets from the two excel files, the software will generate a report as follows:

Data Difference

  • Excel1.xls (1st Sheet)
    • Sheet1 B1
    • Sheet1 C1
    • Sheet1 A2
    • Sheet1 B2
    • Sheet1 C2
    • Sheet1 A3
    • Sheet1 B3
    • Sheet1 C3
  • Excel2.xls (1st Sheet)
    • SheetZ B1
    • SheetZ C1
    • SheetZ A2
    • SheetZ B2
    • SheetZ C2
    • SheetZ A3
    • SheetZ B3
    • SheetZ C3

Same Data

  • 1st Sheet A1

It may not be the exact report as shown above, as long as it can compare excel sheets from two different excel file.


Compare Sheets seems to fit the description:

Compare Sheets is a free software that can compare two Excel sheets and display the results of comparison in another sheet. It’s a lightweight and portable app that works independently of Microsoft Excel and does file comparison without having to install Excel or other similar app in your system.

Also, consider reviewing ExelDiff:

ExelDiff is a free tool that can compare Excel files and figure out the differences between them. It’s an extremely simple and easy to use tool that compares two excel spreadsheets and save the results in html format. ExcelDiff produces comprehensive results and highlight all cells that have difference in values. ExcelDiff is a portable app that runs without prior installation.



BeyondCompare can compare excel sheets, in addition to a host of other file formats, folders, and even directories over ftp/sftp. I use it just about daily. But unlike the other solutions it costs $30 to $50.


The free version of JuxtAPPose only compares spreadsheets and doesn't require installation, however, it only do it one tab at a time (1st spreadsheet in the file, so you have to move all the way to the left the spreadsheet/tab you want to compare on each file):



Page https://www.juxtappose.com/pricing

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