To sell a few products online (10 maximum), I'm looking for a light free e-commerce CMS.

Here are some of my crtierias:

  • Easy to configure (I tried Magento, and I don't want to configure categories, special prices, blocks and all that stuff …)

  • Paypal support (and maybe Google Checkout)

  • Relatively easy to skin

  • Eventually, for later, a "name your price" feature (I may be able to develop it if it does not exists)

  • PHP is preferred (so I can customize the CMS / develop modules)

The workflow I imagine is a simple product index, a product page, a checkout page and a confirmation email.

I tried Magento and PrestaShop, but they seem really heavy.

  • It must use PHP?
    – unor
    Feb 10, 2015 at 11:46
  • No, but as I'm a PHP developper, I will be more able to develop a module in PHP to make exactly what I want
    – maxime
    Feb 10, 2015 at 13:47

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Magento would be your last resort according to your need. a lightweight, easy to setup, compatible with Paypal and Google checkout and with thousands of skins/Themes is Wordpress with the use of WooCommerce Plug-in. setting up an online store using them can take less than one hour and you will be able to sell your products right away. Woocommerce will automatically set-up checkout page, user accounts, confirmation emails, product index and many features for you. it's also very SEO-friendly and Plugin-rich. you need to have a Linux web server with support for PHP.


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