I'm an organizer of a film festival. We will have the film festival gala in the next days.

At the gala, we will show up with a big video projector some of the movies, some intros etc. We are using a laptop connected by VGA to the projector.

If I use VLC or other video player then I need to make a playlist or to open these movies separately but it will show the mouse cursor and the Desktop etc. I want to make it looks professional.

It must be live edited. Like on the laptop screen click on movie play and see it on the projector.

Is there any free multimedia projection software which will help me?

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    Make sure that the laptop supports multiple displays - set the projector as one and use VLC display full screen on that one while dealing with the playlists, etc., on the laptop display. Commented Feb 9, 2015 at 19:56


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