GTalk will stop working on Feb 16, 2015.

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Google Says to start using the Hangouts Chrome App. I don't like it. Is there any third party or open source alternative to the Chrome app (for Windows) that lets me talk to my google contacts? From what I understand, google moved away from the XMPP protocol so third-party development is no longer possible. Does this mean programs like pidgin can no longer talk to hangouts people on Feb 16, or does pidgin still somehow connect?

I just want to use something as simple and featureless as GTalk. I hate Hangouts.

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    Unfortunately that will most likely be not possible. The Hangout stuff is google proprietary and I have not yet seen anybody interested in porting that to Pidgin or any other floss client (which are the only ones I care about). So, I would recommend to go over to jabber.org make an account there and convince your fellow GTalk users to do the same. Then you can use Pidgin and have a regular chat. (Note: I have not seen anybody does not mean that there is nobody, just that I have not yet seen them) Commented Feb 9, 2015 at 9:10
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    GTalk is now really shut down.
    – marczellm
    Commented Mar 3, 2015 at 16:36

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https://github.com/xmikos/qhangups is a PyQt application, that is a GUI interface to the command-line client at https://github.com/tdryer/hangups, that was created by reverse-engineering the undocumented Hangouts API.

It doesn't seem to work for me but seems promising. I would like to see it gain momentum, contributors etc.


I discovered that Miranda lets you still login to the old GTalk network and talk to your google contacts. It doesn't support voice chat, but has a minimalist interface just like GTalk did. There is also Miranda NG but I found that interface too bloated like all the other IM clients out there.

When installing, setup a "JABBER" account and put your gmail username (everything before the "@" sign). Then you need to go to Accounts and set the "type" of Jabber connection to "GTalk!" and fill in your info like the pic below:

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After filling in your account info, make sure you set your "status" to online (or invisible) and your buddy list will be downloaded.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You have to enable "less secure apps" in your Google Account if you want to use Miranda!!


With my personal experience of what I am using right now is Trillian and this also works like a email client.*And in my opinion this is even better than Google talk

I will list down some features from its official website and few screenshots for your reference.

This is available as and paid

The right Trillian for your: Free, Pro, Lifetime


  • Continuous Client
    Your chats go with you everywhere. Trillian even keeps your phone quiet when you're active at a desktop!
  • Interoperable
    With support for Google Talk, Facebook, MSN, AIM, ICQ, Yahoo!, and more, stay connected with everyone.
  • Device Support
    Trillian is available on Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, and directly in your web browser.
  • Email
    POP3, IMAP, and native IM mail integration. New mail alerts and basic mail management are all exposed.
  • Social
    Never miss a beat with Trillian's social integration, keeping you connected to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  • Tabbed Chats
    Keep your desktop tidy with tabbed chats, featuring drag and drop support, unread indicators, and more.
  • Message History
    All desktop versions of Trillian come with a fully-featured message history viewer, including searching and filters.
  • Spellcheck
    Trillian's integrated spellcheck will always let you know when a word is misspelled and offer suggested fixes.
  • Emoticons
    Hundreds of amazing handcrafted emoticons for your chatting pleasure. Find them all, even the hidden ones!
  • […]
  • Internationalization
    User-created language packs and strong UTF-8 support help ensure a great experience in your native language.

Welcome to Trillian: Set up Instant Messaging


Screenshot of contact list

Note: To use any version of Trillian you'll have to have your own Trillian Account (formerly "Astra Account"), which keeps your settings synchronized between Trillian on your desktop, mobile devices and in-browser Trillian for Web which also another feature.

Hope my answer will help you to get out of Hangouts Chrome App ;)

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