My group of friends would like to try multiple venues (bar, restaurants, cafes) in a rather systematic way (for instance, following some "list of the 10 places with the best beer in X"). Intuitively, the requirements should be:

  • work as a web-app, possibly as a plugin of an existing app (Facebook, TripAdvisor, etc)
  • the group members are identified, and new members can be invited (in a similar way to Facebook groups).
  • anybody in the group can add a new venue, with some information.
  • anybody in the group can add a review of a venue.
  • at any time, it is possible to know which venues one has attended and one has not.

My first idea was to use a Facebook group, and post each venue as a new post, but it's sub-optimal, since the last requirement is not fulfilled, and it would require to create a new group for each list (e.g., one group for bar, one group for restaurant, etc).

Are there any web-app addressing these requirements?

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This sounds like you need to create a private group on Google+ - which will allow members to add places, photos, discussions, etc. and they will be able to see which places they have been to on their own "local" tab.

  • Free
  • Web
  • Mobile App available
  • Cross platform
  • Can invite new members
  • Can have events - like lets all meet up at this venue on this date
  • More selective views than FB.

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