Is there a windows application that can add a new frame, delete existing frame(s) and rearrange existing frames from an animated GIF file?

The application needs to:

  • Freeware or Open source (no watermark after add or delete or rearrange frames)
  • Portable ('good to have')
  • Offline (do not require Internet in order to function)
  • Support big animated GIF file (should not freeze or crash when opening a Animated GIF file of minimum size of 1 MB to a max size of 500 MB given that the hardware free RAM is more than 2GB and a i3 CPU is used.)

I tried GifCam but it can only allow delete. It does not allow to add a new frame at any position or rearrange existing frames.

I also tried PhotoScape but it crash when opening a animated GIF of 1 MB.

  • Have you tried ScreenToGif? It is at least able to rearrange and delete frames from an animated gif. I have not tried to open a big gif though. – Phonolog Sep 10 '16 at 7:59

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