I need to collect some data from several twitter pages for a university project.

I searched the internet among the various tools available but they all are not free or they give few data relating to a short period.

The information I need are:

Number of Followers

Number of Tweet per day

Engagement (eg. as the average number of Retweet / Favorites for tweet compared to the number of followers)

For better understand what I'm looking for see this tool for Facebook pages, I would like to find something similar for Twitter pages. Is possible?

Do you know a valid Twitter Analytics tool with the simple informations I listed above?

Thanks to everyone who will try to help.


There is an excellent method to analyze Twitter followers using a Twitter analytic tool called FollowersAnalysis. It can help you analyze millions of Twitter followers with ease and provide valuable insights such as:

1.Followers last Tweet date 2.Account age of Twitter followers 3.Tweets count of Twitter account followers 4.Followers count of Twitter followers 5.Verified and protected Twitter followers percentage 6.List of Top Follower and Following 7.Following count of Twitter followers

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