I am looking for Wordpress Plug-In or Post Template for maintaining site look and feel but a section Page having its own sub-menu.

I have a header / footer theme on the site with a column'd mid-page.

I have tried Easy Responsive Tabs and it so far is not well liked, clashes with the theme, and have constant issues with it truly being responsive on some systems so it basically doesn't work. I think in the future it has potential but right now it does not meet our needs. Essentially an iframe but not.

I am hoping to find something that is easy to manage and facilitates a sub-theme / brand.

The following is a basic overview of what I am trying to do.

The BLUE section will always be the primary brand. The RED section are the sub-brand which a static division sub-menu, assuming down by a page template or plugin. The GREEN section will be dynamic content that is populated by assigning it to a word press post category OR brings up a static page by choosing a menu item.

There would need to be multiple divisions, say 4.

enter image description here

Question: Is anyone aware of an easy and manageable way to do this whether it be a Wordpress Plug-in (free or paid), a Post Template that can be downloaded (including paid), or a semi-commercial solution that still allows me perform this with me hosting all content?

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