I am looking for a Chrome extension to replace the New Tab Page with one that allows me to paste in some code (in JavaScript, CSS or HTML) and get a beautified output along with any errors if applicable.

Does one exist? It must (as far as possible):

  • be free
  • run on Chrome as an extension/app
  • work offline
  • work with JavaScript, CSS and HTML
  • beautify the code (i.e. formatted)
  • show me errors in the code if applicable, in any format possible (I don't care)

I want this because I need something that's offline and works in Chrome, because I'm in Chrome a lot of the time.

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Here are a few:

Opens jsFiddle output to a single unified html page in a new window or tab with one click from the Omnibox. jsFiddle is awesome, but sometimes you want to combine all your HTML, CSS & JS into a single HTML file (perhaps to save it to your local disk). jsFiddle Player does that, it simply adds a "play" button to the Omnibox so that you can pop open a new tab/window with the output combined into a single web page. That's it, simple & useful (at least for me)!

A Chrome extension to try your HTML, CSS, JavaScript code using Chrome DevTool. It's a essencial Frontend Tool

Syntax highlighting and beautifiers for embedded code examples. Clear Code allows you to grab any code examples online from blogs, tutorials or forums, and open them in a distraction free viewer.

Rapid front end code testing for developers!, Test your HTML,CSS,JS and Get the program output instantly!


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