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Since I couldn’t be able to find something for the bluetooth standard on android, the idea is to be able to run android apps on my phone so I would be able to connect my tablet to internet over bluetooth using a custom protocol instead of the standard one (there are many free working apps for using reverse-tethering between two android devices. but non of them use the official DUN service).

For those who don’t understand, there are several java platforms :

  • The first is the one most people use on there computers
  • the second is based on the first. It use the same executable format (jar files) and are installed by jad files which are text based (It also sign the code with a certificate). You can use a jar file directly (without a jad file), but you won’t be able to perform some kind of operations like connecting to internet or accessing files on the device.
  • The next one was created several years later after java ME. It have no real link to Sun or Oracle. the format used by apk applications. While the Sun/Oracle versions where only a platforms, Google designed it as a complete OS. It is the Dalvik JVM.

So is there a jad for running, apk applications?

  • I know this represent a typical case of the XYZ problem, but nobody seems to be able to solve X, and I think this question can help other peoples with different problems. There are already many way to run J2ME/jad with apk files. I want to run apk files with jar files installed by jad files. – user2284570 Jan 24 '15 at 13:54

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