Before I go into the actual question, let me give you some context. I am running my own instance of ownCloud which allows me to host my own CalDAV server among other things. I use an app called SolCalendar that is able to sync calendars with my phone but does not sync tasks.

I am looking for an app that is able to do a two-way sync of tasks with a CalDAV type server. This app must have its own user interface (aka please do not suggest this app to me. It does not have its own UI and requires another app to function properly).


  • Must be able to do a two-way task sync with any CalDAV server (e.g. I must be able to insert my own URL to the server)
  • Must have its own user interface
    • I don't necessarily care how it looks, as long as it has the basic things a task app should have
  • Should be free, but its not a major requirement

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There is a version of DAVdroid which allows syncing tasks with a CalDAV server. DAVDroid is Free Software and allows for two-way syncing. It creates an Android calendar that you can view with any calendar displaying software you like.

The task-syncing version is a bit buried in this bug report so I'm not linking to it directly. Note that once the bug report has been resolved, DAVDroid should support syncing tasks out of the box.

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    That's a nice-to-know, Frederick – thanks! I'm using DAVDroid for quite a while now, and might point to another minor handicap: if you add a new calendar or addressbook, you currently have to delete and re-create the corresponding account on your Android device (see issue #243). Not sure how that would affect tasks, though – but AFAIK tasks are stored with the calendar, so it might be an issue here (which hopefully gets solved soon as well).
    – Izzy
    Jan 23, 2015 at 19:05

Fastmail recommends (on this page) CalDav Sync. It synchronises your calendar, and it isn't gratis.

The same people also make OpenTasks, which is free and open source. I haven't used it much yet, but it seems to work.

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