I think we've finally convinced $company that a ticket system, a knowledge base, and an internal IT wiki are all good ideas. The challenging part is that there's no way we'll maintain all three separately, as documentation is already sparse and a ticket system will be a huge adjustment in the first place.

I'm looking for a software solution that will basically do all three. I'm hoping to:

  • Create support tickets (nothing fancy needed, just a 'halp plz!!' inbox)
  • Create a private IT wiki
  • Create a knowledge base that users can look at

The idea is to take tickets and turn it in to a wiki. We only have a couple hundred users, so there's really no need for too many bells and whistles. We do some inhouse development as well, so generating a sort-of 'manual' for our LOB app would be good.

Free/not free, SaaS/server doesn't really matter. We are a Windows shop though, so spinning up something on a Linux box might be a tough sell.

Any suggestions?

Note: No need for version control or file repository. All of this will be internal.


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Apache Bloodhound may do the trick for you.

Bloodhound Website

It meets all your criteria, and its open source. Now to temper this answer I have not used Bloodhound personally, I can't attest to how well it works.

If you have the funding, support and initiative right now I would consider going and getting a tool that meets your current requirements and provides more. A content management/collaboration suite can do what you are looking for...and a whole lot more. Things like SharePoint or Huddle can manage ticketing, come with built in and custom workflows, they can serve as front ends for (and host) databases, and the wiki creation/management is very easy, and frankly thats the tip of the iceberg.


Have you considered Sirportly? (Note: this answer is customised for your post but similar to my answer here: Help Desk Software?)

Features from your list

  • it accepts tickets via email or webform
  • it has knowledge bases, that can be public or private, or a mix of both
  • It can be self-hosted or SaaS - although if self hosted, you'd need a Linux server.

Bonus stuff

  • supports multiple brands, departments, custom ticket statuses and tags for easy filtering, and easy multiple queue management
  • can be integrated with mail clients for notification, and there is also a custom desktop notification app that's cross platform
  • there is also a free 3-user account for the web non self hosted version, which you could try out to see if it was worth purchasing.

My experience with it

  • I used it mostly from an administrator's point of view, setting up queues and providing support for the users. I could save custom queues, manage users, create form responses, and generally configure it to my needs.
  • the devs at sirportly are amazingly responsive. Whenever we had comments or bugs they'd do their best to help out.
  • we got hundreds or thousands of customer mails per day - before using Sirportly, most of our staff had average of 10gb .pst files. Sirportly handled the scale just fine.

If I ever have to find a help desk solution for a different company in the future, I'd absolutely go with Sirportly again.

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