I'm looking for a lightweight php library that can load a markdown file (it doesn't matter what flavor of markdown) and generate the corresponding HTML. I also need to be able to generate PDFs from the markdown, and ebook files would be awesome as well.

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I'm quite happy with Markdown Extra, which I e.g. use for my website. It's completely open source (available at Github), well documented, and a breeze to use. It supports "standard Markdown" and, via its Extra module, a bunch of additional features like tables, fenced code blocks, footnotes, and more.

Unfortunately, I cannot see it having PDF support built-in. So when deciding for it, you might need a second library for that. I've never needed that combination, but where I'm using PHP to create PDF documents, I'm using TCPDF for that – which again is free, open source, and produces pretty good results.

No recommendation towards eBooks currently – but that being a nice-to-have, I hope my answer is acceptable without it.

  • PS: For the eBook part, I recently found PHPePub. Have not tried it yet, but definitely seems to be worth a look.
    – Izzy
    May 18, 2015 at 15:48

Haskell rather than PHP but also standalone and with PHP bindings available and cross platform I would recommend Pandoc:


Input formats:

docbook, haddock, html, json, latex, markdown, markdown_github, markdown_mmd, markdown_phpextra, markdown_strict, mediawiki, native, opml, org, rst, textile

Output formats:

asciidoc, beamer, context, docbook, docx, dzslides, epub, epub3, fb2, html, html5, icml, json, latex, man, markdown, markdown_github, markdown_mmd, markdown_phpextra, markdown_strict, mediawiki, native, odt, opendocument, opml, org, pdf*, plain, revealjs, rst, rtf, s5, slideous, slidy, texinfo, textile

  • i'm afraid i don't have access to install software on the server... otherwise, this would be perfect. Jan 17, 2015 at 17:08

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