We are looking for a software or multiple but integrated software to support helpdesk, sales and other people in our company.

We'd like the following features but we could cope with just a subset of it:

  • web-based, wiki-style editing of documentation/pages
  • version history support
  • suggested edit queue (like on Stack Exchange)
  • email notification on changed content with inline diff (on subscribe/watch in Confluence)
  • exam module:
    • users can write questions and potential answers
    • documentation should be in the same place as related questions/answers (we want to avoid the case of deprecated questions due to two-place editing)
  • questions/pages could be categorized onto topics
  • creating exams with random questions from the same or group of topics
  • users could take these exams
  • track of user's taken exams
  • daily practice quiz sessions with 5-10 questions (Leitner system should be great)
  • settable read/write permissions for users/groups (for pages)
  • multi-language support for documentation and questions
    • should be easy to keep multiple languages in sync, so it should be easy to figure out those pages where not all language has been upgraded/changed
  • read confirmation: admins could create pages which must be read by other users
    • users have to confirm that they read the page
    • listable confirmed page versions
    • listable users who has not read the required documents/pages
    • lists for users for their unread documents


  • preferably should run on Linux servers
  • Atlassian Confluence integration could be great (storing documentation in Confluence, for example)

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