I frequently find myself combing through a number of web pages looking for particular keywords and related topics. I want something better than the browser's "find in page" function (which highlights the word I type, so +1 to that tool).

Example: I'm looking at several "call for papers" to publish my research, and each one has a list of topics like the one below:

Design, implementation, and analysis of network architectures and algorithms Enterprise, datacenter, and storage area networks SDNs and network programming Experimental results from operational networks or network applications Economic aspects of the Internet Energy-aware communication Insights into network and traffic characteristics Network management and traffic engineering Network security and privacy Network, transport, and application-layer protocols Networking issues for emerging applications Fault-tolerance, reliability, and troubleshooting Operating system and host support for networking P2P, overlay, and content distribution networks Resource management, QoS, and signaling Routing, switching, and addressing Techniques for network measurement and simulation Wireless, mobile, and sensor networks

Here I want a browser extension to highlight anything related to, say, software defined networking, or data centre networks. Furthermore, I want to tell the browser extension what interested me on this page, and it will help me find similar stuff on other pages, as well as aggregate my searches so that I can compare them.

More broadly, I want a browser extension that makes what I'm looking for in a page stand out, say, by enlarging or highlighting keywords and key phrases, or relating content to previous searches using some sort of overlay. It would also aggregate data that I've expressed interest in for viewing later. Ideally there would be some intelligence where the software tries to predict what I'm interested in (the same way any modern search engine works).

Does this exist?

  • Is any browser okay, or is Chrome required?
    – unor
    Jan 15, 2015 at 18:26
  • I use Chrome, but I'm interested in software for any browser. I'll not specify in the question... Jan 15, 2015 at 20:37


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