Well this is a very simple question:

  • Tidesk SDK is dead, last commit on github was two years ago
  • Appjs is dead and they said so on github, they said we should use Deskshell, I can't do so since it's not available on Linux, I have appjs installed but don't want to use it
  • Ubuntu SDK seems awesome, but not cross platform so I don't really want to use it, I have it installed
  • Mozilla Prism and Chromeless rested in peace too

You understand my question by now but I have to list my requirements so:

  • free, not necessarily open source SDK to develop html5 native, cross platform apps
  • Maintained and actively developed, well at least not dead
  • Easy to package and this is the most important point guys, easy to package for linux distros, I don't care about windows and mac, at least for now. It doesn't have to be .deb, in fact I would like to create executable files that would run anywhere file.sh would do. If you used appjs, you would understand why packaging is a big deal for me
  • If I can create mobile apps using the sdk, that would be a plus but not important right now


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