I'm looking for product management software. I don't mean project management software like Jira, Redmine or new agile ones like PivotalTracker.

I mean software to manage (and possibly design) a physical product, something similar to ProdPad that also covers rest of product lifecycle.

The software has to be able to:

  • Create specifications
  • Manage part suppliers
  • Generate bill of material
  • Create assembly information / guides

Basically I'm looking for something like ProdPad that would allow me to manage product from start to finish: Idea(s) → Design (including box design, etc.) → Creating BoM → Manufacturing → Packaging.

Products I'd like to create are physical ones, mainly based on embeded electronics so integration with part suppliers and design software would be a huge plus.

Platforms: Preferably a desktop application (preferably with Linux support, but I can live with Windows), I'd also consider a web app.

Can be paid up to 1000$


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PTC Creo seems to have most or all of what you need. You can get a basic idea of features from the right column of this comparison chart. You can contact the company with your specific needs and see if they can provide what you need within your budget.

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