What could I use for creating maps with polygon-shaped sections? Here's an example of what I'm talking about:


This software should be able to create and edit these polygon maps.

Ideally, they could be exported in a convenient format, such as SVG, but all I need is that I can drag the points of the polygons around and add new polygons/points.

Software for any common platform/OS will do.


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Have you tried Inkscape? It's free and seems to meet your requirements:

Inkscape Example Document UI

  • You cannot have anchored vertices, where one vertice of the first polygon automatically follows another vertice of the second polygon on translation
  • However, the vertices can be exactly aligned by each other with the snapping tools (see selected switches on the east toolbar)
  • You can select, add, delete, move vertices (see selected tool on the west toolbar)
  • Removing vertices can lead to a curve, which can be fixed (see the lower north toolbar)
  • The file can be saved as SVG

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