I am looking for a free Android application that can display the current Internet speed (upstream and downstream) in the status bar, just like the non-free application Internet Speed Meter can do:

enter image description here

It should support 4G and Wi-Fi connections.


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Net Speed Meter


  • No matter what App run in the foreground, you can alway know the network throughput.
  • Display the network throughput with chart.
  • Tap and slip the chart to anywhere you want!
  • The chart can auto hide after there is no network traffic for a while.
  • Custom your view ! You can disable chart, let it show only numeric.
  • Monitor network type support: 3G, wifi, Bluetooth.
  • Free

All settings:

enter image description here


I have a good one:

Gravity Box

It requires a rooted phone with Xposed framework installed but it integrates pretty well with the notification bar.

Screenshot (click image for larger variant)

Or can also mod the signal icon as well as the battery icon.

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