I'm looking for a video player that makes displayed subtitles select-able.

If you don't understand what I mean, this is an illustrative example of exactly what I need: Let's consider that I'm playing a video with subtitles. I want to be able to select a word or sentence from the appearing subtitles statement to copy it (add to clipboard).

Operating Sytem: Microsoft Windows 8.1

Something like this:


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PotPlayer can do that.

Preferences (F5) - Subtitles - Word searching. It also can open browser page with a dictionary definition.

enter image description here


I made the media player LLG-MP for exactly the same purpose , hope it helps:

it's main purpose is to gamify the language learning process through appending clickable subtitles/lyrics to different types of local/remote media with an onclick instant translation during the media stream flow

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