I have seen a lot of questions concerning USB File Transfers and logging them on https://superuser.com/.
Questions like: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

USBDeview, Nessus, AutoIt script, Windows XP registry were answers to the questions. I found one program that analyze USB traffic also, it's called USBTrace (I am not in any way affiliated with programs that I've mentioned).

Is there a program that can log all copying, deleting and moving of files from disk that is monitoring? A simple log that would state user, time, file copied, from where, to.

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DiskPulse is a real-time disk change monitoring solution allowing one to monitor one or more disks or directories, save reports and disk change monitoring statistics, export detected changes to a centralized SQL database, execute custom commands and send E-Mail notifications when unauthorized changes are detected in critical system files.

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