Is there a shell text editor that uses common keyboard shortcuts for navigation and editing?

I need the following features as much as possible:

  • Ctrl + (c/x/v) for copy, cut & paste
  • selecting by holding the Shift key and using the cursor keys ///
  • Ctrl + (/) for word navigation
  • Ctrl + a to select all
  • selecting with mouse (if possible through putty connection)
  • Ctrl + z to undo
  • Ctrl + s to save
  • Ctrl + n to create a new file
  • Ctrl + w to close
  • I'm trying to dig into emacs. There is a very nice distribution called spacemacs, which adds evil mode for vim emulation, and many other features. This was the first thing that I run into. It turns out there is a mode called cua-mode, that covers most of your requirements.
    – spelufo
    Commented May 22, 2015 at 0:06

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If you are not fixed to these special shortcuts, mcedit might work for you:

mcedit with the "edit" menu opened (source: tuicool.com; click image for larger variant)

mcedit is part of the Midnight Commander file manager, but also can be used separately. I'm using it daily, and am pretty satisfied with it: it's fast, supports syntax highlighting, and you can extend it with your own specifications.

Let's see how it matches your requirements:

  • Copy/cut/paste: uses different hotkeys, rather inspired by those used for file operations: you mark text with F3 (alternatively, mark block-wise using F13 or via the menu shown in the screenshot.F5 copies marked text to where your cursor is (copy-paste), F6 moves it (cut-paste).
  • Select text: as described, hit F3 once, then move the cursor keys as you described to mark the selection, press F3 again.
    I've just checked: Also works exactly as you've described, by holding the Shift key while moving with the cursor keys – so "full match" here.
  • Word navigation: Exactly as described by you.
  • Mark all: Works, but again a little different: Ctrl-Home to move to the start of the file, then F3 to activate marking, Ctrl-End to mark to the end of the document.
  • Selecting with mouse: Works. Emulates the internal F3 marking when no key pressed, and "X-marking" (for your "global clipboard") with the Shift key pressed.
  • Undo: Yes, but it's Ctrl-U

A bunch of additional possibilities, like jumping to a given line number, search (and replace), and copying to / inserting from a "clip file" (to move text between files) makes this a "round thing". To play at your nick: PHP syntax highlighting included (I use it frequently to edit PHP files) :)

Midnight Commander is part of pretty any distribution's repository, and thus simply installed using apt-get install mc (Debian and derivates) or yum install mc (RPM-based distributions). Read more on mcedit by enlarging the screenshot, or follow up to the article it was taken from, or see the Midnight Commander's home page.

  • Thanks a lot for your answer. While it is a set of really useful stuffs, I still prefer a lightweight text editor with Windows-like keyboard shortcut. Commented Jan 1, 2015 at 4:15

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