Like this, but desktop instead of web-based. Maybe Qt-based for portability. As usual, open source is preferred.

Expected usage:

$ compare_images a.png b.png
GUI window appears, like this:
| Upper half of a.png  |
|                      |
|---(movable slider)---|
|                      |
| Lower half of b.png  |

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Hi@vi I found a small app that may help you to do this job :)DiffImg


  • Image difference display : a yellow/red mask can overlay the original/modified images.
  • Single/Dual panels mode.
  • Statistic computation: Mean error, RMS error and min/max are computed.
  • Several metrics can be used for computing image difference.
  • Histogram of error.
  • “Slideshow” : DiffImg can compare directory of image, so you can switch to the previous/next comparison if you have two folders with the same image list.

Supported files :DifffImg uses Qt plugins to load images, so by default it can read basic formats as BMP, PNG, JPG and OpenCV supported formats (Tiff, OpenExR).



  • 1
    When I saw OpenCV in dependencies, I though it can also handle not pre-aligned images.
    – Vi.
    Dec 18, 2014 at 12:07

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