I'm going to be purchasing an iPad Air 2 128GB WiFi (no cellular) soon and will be using it at University. I'm going to be using it as a portable device with my Windows (7) PC staying at home. I'm a huge MS Office fan, but not very happy with the Office 365 applications (both the could-based operations and the subscription costs). What I'm basically looking for is an app (preferably free, but I don't mind paying for it - just as long as it's say $15 or below) which is completely compatible with MS Office 2013. Another non-negotiable requirement is that I can sync documents between my PC WITHOUT internet/network connection ie via Bluetooth or the Lightning connector. Other details I don't really mind. I've looked at a lot of different solutions, but most fail to describe if they can sync directly between devices.

Summary of requirements:

  • Runs on iOS, specifically iPad
  • Compatible with MS Office 2013 - at very minimum with Word, Excel and PowerPoint - preferably OneNote also, but not strictly necessary as I've already found an app that would work, but would be nice to have everything centralised in one app
  • Syncronise documents between the iPad and PC (and vice versa) without use of internet connection
  • Costs up to $15
  • No ongoing subscriptions

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I think DocumentsToGo does exactly this.

It features opening and editing of Office formats for Word, Excel and Powerpoint. It has both a free and a premium version. Unfortunately the Premium version is slightly over budget, it costs $16.99.

  • Although over budget, as it meets the other requirements, mainly the compatibility and PC/iDevice Sync I'd be willing to purchase this. Thanks for the quick response! Dec 17, 2014 at 6:47

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