I am looking for a framework or another path for integrating Django and JavaScript. It seems that two popular framework are Backbone.js and AngularJS. Another path is to use coffeeScript. However I am not able by myself to guess which of them is more "natural". Furthermore, there must be others. I am particularly interested in something that allows:

1) easy integration

2) fast learning curve

3) JavaScript code minimization

4) rapid rest api development

5) large community

A) Are there clear advantages of any of them?

B) As I discovery (I am not sure if I am right) that backbone is based on a MVC paradigm and AngularJS is based on MVT paradigm like Django. Does this suggests that the later is more suitable for the task here or it does not imply anything?


You could use extjs or jquery and use ajax javascript request with rest api and use django just for reading and writing to your data storage.

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