I'm looking for a Javascript library that allow me to very easily create pictures slideshow on a website.

That I want to say as "fast" or "easy" to use library, is I want to pass to the lib an array of image's url, and when I turn on the lib (manually or automatically, it doesn't matter), a good viewable slideshow should be visible on my website.

Then it can be some configuration options available, but I need that the first slideshow comes fast, without having to edit my DOM, or making lot of configuration.

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Are you looking for something like at the top of the iTunes store or Amazon? The big featured images that scroll to the left? If so, I would recommend swipe.js, even though the demo on their main site isn't currently working (Google around for another one). It's a very small, clean library with an option to auto-advance the swiper, thus making it a slideshow. It doesn't technically get images from an array, but the markup required is very minimal.

Another option like swipe.js is Swiper, which is much bigger and feature-filled, including auto-advance to make it a slideshow.

If that's not what you're looking for, ResponsiveSlides.js (Sorry, you'll have to search for it; I can't include more links with my low reputation) looks like a good option. Similar to the two above options, but no swiping. Depends on jQuery.

If you are looking to make a more typical Powerpoint-style slideshow that the user navigates, I would recommend deck.js.


I think you would Impress.js useful. It has everything you need

1 - JS Library to easily create presentations from code
2 - Configuration options avialable for transitions (including CSS3 effects)


There are dozens that do this with somewhat different options.

And of course jQuery has a long list here.

Almost all of them have compatible syntax, so you can try a few. I've used slick and it works great.

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